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Journalist, writer and painter

Writing has been my profession for many years and I am still driven by a strong curiosity and an eagerness to reflect.

I’m constantly looking for The Good Story. That is for me the essence of journalism whether it’s about people, politics or trends. I believe in good journalism both printed and online as well as on the radio, TV or in social media. That also means that those of us who work in media have to believe in what we do and trust that without good journalism there’ll be neither efficiency nor good finances.

My favorite topics vary but I write for example about scientific research, political science, leadership, education and music in its broadest sense. I’ve been editor-in-chief for five different magazines.

I have an international press card through the Foreign Press Association in Oslo and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.



My first novel, Not the way I planned, is a slightly absurd but deadly serious story about a woman that by accident kills a 62 year old man in a grocery store in front of her own children. My point is, it could happen to anyone of us…

The novel isn’t published in English yet. For more information please contact me, jane@janeafsandeberg.com.




Painting words I do and I choose words that for me carry strong feelings for me. They all start in my experience of journalism and our time.

Exhibitions I’ve had exhibitions around Stockholm, in Jämtland and in Dalarna.

Click on ”Konst” and you´ll find some of my paintings.

My profession is to write and edit. I’ve been working as a journalist since 1982. I also work with books and create paintings with a journalistic eye – fast but never without reflection.